A hybrid of temporary and direct hire, contract-to-hire is a way for our customers to test the waters. It allows potential employees to prove themselves to our customer and see if the culture is a good fit. Likewise, it allows our jobseeker the opportunity to grow accustom to our customer for a predetermined period of time. During the contract period, we employ the talent.

The contract-to-hire process typically moves fairly quickly. Before entering into a contract-to-hire situation, customers should outline the terms – how talent will be evaluated and when the contract period ends. Customers should also maintain open lines of communication and provide consistent feedback to put the talent at ease. Once a permanent position is offered and accepted, talent transitions from our payroll to the customer’s payroll.

Contract-to-hire offers many benefits for both our jobseekers and customers when both have sincere intentions. Talent can rest assured that D.C. Powell and Associates, Inc. only partners with employers who are serious about hiring and have a long term need.