We place jobseekers with customers that are looking for a temporary employee, with hopes that she/he could end up being a longer-term full-time employee. The temporary assignment is considered a trial period and gives both our customers and jobseekers an opportunity to determine if they are a good fit for each other. From the company’s standpoint, they can use the temporary assignment to evaluate the employee and see if they have the skills necessary to be brought on full-time. They can make sure that the employee fits in with the company’s culture and that they are able to work well with those around them.

For the employee, it is a chance to really show an employer what they have to offer. It is also an opportunity to make sure they feel comfortable with the new employer, the co-workers they will be working along side and that the projects they are being asked to work. If at the end of the pre-determined period the customer wants to hire the job seeker, they will inform us about their intentions and move ahead with their in-house hiring process with no additional fees attached.