The key to becoming an attractive job candidate is to know one’s self. People often think that a great academic record and a good resume will be enough to land them their dream job, but this is not necessarily the case. It is essential for every candidate to know their strengths, maximize their potential, and use them to their advantage.


Forming a connection with a potential employer is equally as important. Connectional intelligence implies that the candidate will play to his or her strengths by using their creativity and all other resources available to form a good first impression and present their qualities to the employer. To achieve that connectional intelligence, however, all job seekers need to ask themselves the following questions:

girl white shirtWhat Is My Preferred Means of Communication?

With a few exceptions, communication is an important asset that all employees need to have in their portfolio. This can be easier said than done. Some may be great at public speaking while others may be struggling with it. Luckily, however, there are other forms of communication out there, most being facilitated by modern technology.

Webinars are one such alternative. Instead of communicating in person with a group of people, some prefer to do it over the internet. This way, it is still possible to exchange information but without being it in the same room. Likewise, there is also the possibility of writing instead of speaking to relay messages back and forth. Every job candidate should know what their preferred form of communication is and try using or making it the norm in the workplace.


What Part of the Creative Process Utilizes My Talents and Sparks My Interest?

When choosing a career path, most job seekers focus only on the industry as a whole. However, the key to success and job satisfaction does not lie solely in the industry, per se, but also in the department that best utilizes one’s skills. It is not enough to be in the desired field of work if the daily tasks do not satisfy or facilitate the use of your talents.

Every product or service goes through several stages of development before reaching the market, and it is important for every candidate to know what post from within their desired industry presents the most opportunities by combining both their passion and talents together.

Team Leader or Team Member?

While most envision themselves as being good team leaders, it all depends on the level of professional development each candidate is in at that particular moment. ING_32193_16410The team leader position may seem alluring, but it does come with its own set of extra challenges and responsibilities, for which some candidates may not be prepared.

As with the other questions above, you will have to ask yourself whether the team leader position makes the best use of your skills at the moment, or would it be better to continue learning from others. Are you better suited to giving directions or taking a more hands-on approach to delivering the desired result?


Your skills and strengths will develop over time, but it is imperative that you identify them as they are at this very moment. Knowing this, as well as what needs improving, will allow each candidate the confidence necessary to pick the right position that suits their career level and put them on the track to professional success.